CONNECTING churches to their communitY


With ConnectFirst, discover and connect with those who are most likely to be searching for a local church—new movers.

Why new movers?

Do you know your new neighbors?

Consider this— one thing your new neighbors have in common is that they are ALL in a period of life transition. Maybe it’s a new job or they just got married. Maybe they’re simply looking for a better place to live. Regardless of what led them to your community, if your church does not have a plan to reach out to them—you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Your new neighbors are...

Open to change

Changing the place that we call home is a big deal. In fact, it requires us to think differently. Studies show that we are much more open to change after a move than most other moments in life.

Searching for community

Your neighbors are looking for authentic relationships. Even if they are not actively searching for a church, they desire to discover ways to connect to their new community.

Without a church home

Many movers had a church home but are no longer close enough to continue attending their church. For these movers, one of the first items on their agenda is to find a new church home.

ConnectFirst is...


Identify the new movers around you and reach out to them all in one program.


Everything is included in one price. No confusing price structures or annoying nickle and dime extras.


Forget the hassle of direct mail. We take care of everything for you and you never step foot in the post office.


We are easy to work with! We work personally with every customer to create a custom campaign and achieve your unique goals.

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