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Does your church need reliable design help? Volunteers are unreliable and part time or full time staff members are costly. We can help.

Design is challenging for a small to mid sized church

Most churches don’t have designers on staff—so now what?

Perhaps another staff member handles your bulletin or website changes—but is it as good as it should be? And those staff members have other responsibilities anyway. Maybe a volunteer can get you by—but how reliable is that?

Here's what we'll do for you...

Maintain your website

Keeping your website up to date and communicating the heartbeat of your church is more important today than ever before.

Social media graphics

Social media leans heavily on visual communication. Graphics for your most important ministries and events for social sharing is a must.

Projection screens for Sunday worship

Song lyrics, sermon slides, welcome slides and more. If you are a lead pastor or worship pastor doing these yourself—you know that something that should be easy ends up wasting valuable time.

Event graphics

Whether it’s Easter Sunday, a youth event, or a women’s retreat (or many, many others), custom graphics always go together with church events.

Sermon series graphics

If you need the perfect visual to go along with an upcoming sermon series, we can help. We will create the graphics that will help you promote your next sermon series.

d2design is...


We work exclusively with churches, so we understand your challenges.


We have the small to mid-size church in mind. While large churches are well resourced, the mission of the small and mid size church is no less important!


We have been in business for over 20 years helping thousands of churches communicate through better design.

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